The best Twitch streamers you need to follow

The best Twitch streamers you need to follow


Video streams using such well-known services as Twitch and the like were not created solely for creating broadcasts of esports events. Slot streams have gained incredible popularity and can now offer a new development model for online casinos.

Speaking of the creation of a new online casino brand, there have not been many ways to develop it and create a steady stream of visitors recently. But streams today can change the course of events.

On platforms like Twitch, most of the streams are dedicated to esports. Of the 10 most popular channels, 9 are dedicated to streaming games such as CS: GO or League of Legends.

Why do gamblers watch streams of other people’s games?

The prospect of gaining hundreds of viewers has not escaped the attention of the leaders of the casino industry and even the streamers themselves. Now, on YouTube and Twitch services, you can find a lot of channels that broadcast their game in online casinos. They allow users to watch the presenter test various applications. This allows you to understand the principle of the game in real-time without spending a penny.

The most famous name in casino game streaming is Casinodaddy. This channel is hosted by brothers Eric, Anton, and Mathias Joelson. Each of them is a big fan of slots as such. Therefore, when the brothers decided to try themselves in the stream, they did not have to think long about the issue of choosing the topic of the channel.

The main element of streaming is socialization. Matthias explained it this way:

“Casino players are usually at a great distance from each other, just like they are far from casino representatives. When we come together in a Twitch chat during a stream, we can feel like a part of the community. We do not want gambling to be isolated, so a hobby for singles. This has always been a big problem in the community. We want everyone to feel like a part of something more so that such a hobby does not force them to be isolated. This is the real magic of gambling streams. “

Why do casino operators need streams?

This opportunity to broadcast games and attract new audiences is incredibly successful for operators. Many of them see the platform as a reliable partner for joint development. Operators believe that casino broadcasts show a certain level of trust in the sites and only benefit them.

Paul Calleja, one of the main managers of OVO casinos, treats streamers as partners:

“In general, there are hundreds of viewers on the streams at the same time, and all of them can interact not only with each other via chat, but also with the streamer itself. This interaction is very beneficial for us because the streamer acts as a casino brand ambassador,” explains the details about all the new bonuses, explains the general rules of the game in various applications and how deposit and withdrawal systems work. In short, the main advantage of Twitch is the ability to form an opinion about the brand in real-time, with absolutely no investment.”

The best streamers in Twitch 

Here is a list of the top Twitch streamers in gambling theme:

  1. CasinoDaddy. A little more detail about this channel was described above.
  2. LetsGiveItASpin. The face and mainstream of the channel are Kim Hultman. He has incredible knowledge and experience in games, and this is what attracts his viewers. Kim raised € 47,715 in donations to the World Health Organization (WHO) COVID and Solidarity Fund.
  3. Stop & Step. Darren is the main player on Twitch. This streamer can often be found in land-based casinos, as the entire channel is filled with various video broadcasts of the game. He broadcasts live four times a week, often looking for the biggest in-game bonuses, randomizing his gameplay as he plays.

There are more professional streamers in the total war arena gameplay, but these guys are so popular in gambling. 

Whether streamers play with their own money or with casino money

The coolest streamers make huge bets, play a lot, and do not experience financial problems. At least there is always money for a good game. Where from?

In theory, an online casino streamer makes money on affiliate programs. You register using his link, you lose, he receives a part of this money. Everything is within the bounds of decency. It turns out that the casino streamer spins the reels for this money earned. But this is all ideally. There is another scheme that does not look so noble anymore.

Fake money

Look at the casino streamer, notice which casinos he or she plays. Do you completely trust one and the other? If your answer is yes, then so be it. Here, after all, the main thing is whether it is interesting for you to watch the stream or not, and what money the game is spent on is secondary.

But if you suspect that the streamer is not playing for their money, this may be true. The streamer receives money from the casino, which he simply spins and will never be able to withdraw. That is this is not the streamer’s money – it’s like playing with candy wrappers. They say that there have already been cases when it was proved that the streamer uses fake money. Problems don’t arise until streamers start convincing viewers that they are playing with their own money. This is already a deception, and for this, it would be nice to punish, and both sides. People can believe that things are fair. Seeing big bets and, accordingly, big wins, they will want the same and go to register.

Special bonuses

There is another option for cooperation between casinos and streamers. The operator offers them good bonuses that streamers can wager and withdraw. Then the streamer will not have to spend too much of his money because, with regular active play, it is possible to win back bonuses.

This is the path taken by Casumo casino, which saw the potential of casino streams back in 2015. They offer special bonuses to streamers but require that the game be played with the player’s real money. Everything here is the same as with ordinary bonuses, it’s just that most likely the conditions are more favorable. Casumo abandoned the idea of ​​fake money, so the streamers who play at this casino are above suspicion.

Why streamers win more often

Many of us have seen many times how some streamers receive very large wins on a practically regular basis. And here we are not talking about winning several hundred bets, but about winning several thousand bets and even 10,000+ bets. For streamers, playing in a casino is a job. It doesn’t matter if they play for candy wrappers or for real money that the casino paid them for the stream. Or they have already grown to the point that income from affiliate programs can cover all losses at large rates.

They try to stream for several hours several times a week, continuously playing on the fast-back, gaining a huge distance. Of course, from time to time they will win. In this case, they will often catch large multiplications at large rates. It is this moment that your brain fixes while watching and the illusion develops that you will always get rid of in the casino if you make a lot of deposits. And watching the streamers’ cuts, the viewer is firmly convinced that huge money can be made in the casino by clicking on the “Spin” button.

How to become a streamer and where to start

So what is needed to start streaming an online casino:

  • Equipment.
  • Large cash reserves and financial management.
  • Agreement with the casino and the availability of affiliate programs and referral links.
  • Groups, sites, and resources in the most popular social networks.
  • Perseverance and efficiency.
  • Luck, charisma, and ambition.

Twitch does not partner with all streamers and does not hide it. The site highly values ​​active and dedicated professionals. But when it comes to selecting the best, Twitch is guided by tough criteria. Novice streamers need to demonstrate that they are serious about their intentions. To this end, obtaining the status of a companion comes with some obligations. The channel must meet the following requirements:

  • at least 50 subscribers;
  • at least 500 minutes of broadcasts in the last 30 days;
  • 7 unique broadcast days;
  • on average more than 3 viewers at the same time.
  • As the program evolves, the criteria may change.

Which casinos have a bonus for streamers

Casino streams are a huge potential if you build a quality, honest business. Here is a list of casinos that are ready to give bonuses to their streamers:

  • BitStarz
  • N1 Casino
  • Wildz Online
  • Virgin casino
  • NetEnt

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