Three or five pokies in the machine – which is more profitable


pokies in the machineStudying the history of pokies, you can find that five-pokies once completely replaced three-pokies. Of course, the customers were very pleased that they received excellent image quality, excellent musical accompaniment and the ability to multiply the bets made, and in general, it is more convenient and interesting for the user. However, one should figure out whether there is really any benefit from such devices for users. 

Of course, this question is of interest to those people who are just starting to play in online casinos. In traditional establishments (of which there are only a few), it is incredibly difficult to find a three-pokie machine. In most cases, this is not possible. However, if we are talking about more experienced gamblers who are ardent adherents of the old system of games, then it will not be difficult for them to find a pokie machine with three pokies online. They often put streams with games on such primitive machines in YouTube

Which pokie machine has more profitable interest payments

The activity of such devices is highly dependent on the generation of random numbers, numerical combinations and a number of related settings. 

On average, the optimal percentage is when one hundred dollars invested can return from 95 to 98. More information about this can be found at the link – Of course, this will not cover all the costs, but there is a chance to hit the jackpot, and in general the user enjoys the game. $ 2-5 is a small price per game.

If we analyze this criterion and compare three-pokie and five-pokies, it turns out that the value of the percentage of payments will be the same. It turns out that the number of pokies has no effect on this indicator at all. It will only affect the perception of the game and nothing more. The amount of wins is strictly electronically regulated.

Some punters believe that the probability of winning more money is inherent in the presence of more than three reels. But this is not the case. This is a purely subjective opinion.

About winning combinations

As for the frequency of winning money combinations, it will be slightly higher for five-pokies. This is due to the fact that even if 3 images out of 5 matched, the user will receive money. In addition, when the word “Wild” is added to the desired combination, the winning increases significantly. Three-pokies give out money less often, but more in amount. In the best Australian online casino they are also very common.

About maximum bets

Nowadays, most online casinos adhere to the practice of minimum contributions. That is, the bet is not more than 0.1% on the possibility of a completely winning line.

Thus, you can win money from three-pokie and five-pokies with equal success.

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